Nature provides the blueprint for humans

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Commune With Nature
"Spend time in nature. I find a great way to engage in strategic refueling is being out in the woods. Walking in the woods nurtures your soul. It relaxes your mind. It opens your heart."

In his audio podcast 'Strategic Refueling', quoted above, Robin Sharma Losenoidoomock begins the wisdom of commune with nature.

I believe that one of the best ways to become more true to self, and to rejuvenate a sense of spiritual fulfillment is to rekindle an enjoyment of the act of communing with nature; that is being in nature and simply revelling in the sheer beauty and unassuming refreshment of it.

Desires never need to be manufactured, but they do sometimes need to be uncovered, as our social environments have perhaps convinced us that there are more 'glossy' and 'shiny' things to be pursued in life than the basic priviledge of nature.

Nature is Authentic Self at its most complete. An Oak Tree does not try to be a Beech. A squirrel does not try to be a swan. Each part behaves purely as it is meant to behave. There are no pretentions and there are no barriers, walls or fears.

Contrast that with your cultural and working environments where everyone puts on 'masks' and, to one degree or another, pretends to be something they ar not. Suits and ties worn to impress rather than for comfort. Opinions given to appease rather than to express true feelings. Nature provides the blueprint for humans to find and forge ahead with a better way than this, and taking time out to spend in nature is a reminder of who we truly are and what we are all about.

"Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another." - Juvenal

A few moments a day spent in nature reminds us what we love most about life. It replenishes, refreshes and inspires. The appreciation for, connection with, and wisdom of nature is one of the most rewarding potentials we can develop.

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