Authentic Self - In his Model of Evolutionary Enlightenment

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Andrew Cohen defines the Authentic Self thusly; "When you experience a spiritual longing, that is the authentic self, stirring in the depths of your own soul... The authentic self is the most life-embracing, wholesome dimension of who we are."

Authentic Self seems to be a term that is used often in spiritual circles. At the human level, its meaning can conjure up thoughts of being true to oneself, speaking one's truth, and so on. At a further level, it can be seen as a spirituality/consciousness based understanding of the one 'true self' from which all personalities emanate. Thus we have heard of everything being one, the 'one true self, in this instance, refers to the basis of that oneness.

From our interest here, then, understanding and embracing our Authentic Self is about expressing ourselves effectively and connecting with ourselves at ever deepening levels, as we continue to understand who we truly are.

"If each one of us is constantly more, and better of what is really inside of us, then our capacity as a species, and as a spirit, and as a unified spiritual body, to do good, be good, create good, and experience more of our true selves, or our authentic selves, to use the word that's often used in these traditions, I think is multiplied many times over." - Tony Robbins

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